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Janet Ng
16 January 2011 @ 09:02 pm
So I just finished watching The Man from Nowhere with Wonbin. Had it for ages and didn't remember til now. I've gotta say....the plot was a bit...meh. All I remember was blood and more blood lol. The whole movie I was like "omgsh Wonbin looks so hot with his hobo cut~" He has definately aged well. I still remember the Autumn Love Story days <3 But I don't remember his voice sounding so harsh. Maybe its just his character XD. Hope he does a drama soon...need to see more of him <3

Also watching Secret Garden at the moment, and the only thing it has going for it are the actors coz seriously, the plot is just lame. So if it weren't for Hyunbin and Ha Jiwon, I wouldn't even be watching it. You could totally see the difference in acting skills between them and the other idol dramas I've been watching haha.

Well thats it for today. Trying to blog as much as possible otherwise it'ld just become a dead blog and that aint fun XD.

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Janet Ng
15 January 2011 @ 07:34 pm
First post of 2011!~ Yes I know I've been neglecting this eljay >.< but seriously, its not my fault! Been so busy T^T. My resolution this year is to blog more!

I'm just gonna sum up the last couple of months of my life. Finished 2nd year of Uni and actually did a whole lot better then the first year XD. Got a job WOOT WOOT! and have been working my butt off to save up. My digital camera broke (stupid brother) so now I have to pay for a new one...the problem is, I don't know if I want an expensive one or just a plain old point&shoot camera >< probably going to go for p&s since I can't really afford to get the 700$ Lumix camera I want >< And that's about it for me lol. Nothing exciting has happened.Next month, some friends are planning a Forster trip so I have to get my camera before then >< and I'm really looking forward to getting away. Too bad Jer can't go but his future is at stake so I get it.....and snow trip is likely not going to happen either T^T.

So yesterday, I was listening to HoMin's new album (its still really weird for me to call them DBSK), and I'm addicted to She. That song is just <33 Gosh and who said Yunho can't sing? Although I'm super depressed over the break up, I'm really proud of HoMin for being strong and showing the world that even without JYJ, they can really kick ass. Yes it would've been better if JYJ was a part of the album but as anyone can see, they've moved on. HoMin can't wait forever. And its not as if we cannot support them both no? Only the stupid cassies think love has to be restricted. We supported them as 5, and we can continue to support them no matter what they choose to do. Maybe one day, all this will be resolved and the boys will once again stand together on stage <3 Keeping the faith<3 But until then, I will love them all no matter how much I hate JYJ's stylists and HoMin's hairdressers D:

Speaking of boy groups......ONE MORE YEAR TIL SHINHWA RETURNS!!!!! I have waited SOOO long for this....can't believe in one year, I will finally see them on the same stage again! I was watching Hyesung's mini concert the other day and omgshhh <33 reminded me of why I loved them so much when I was younger XD. They began all this crazy fangirl shitt haha and if it weren't for Shinhwa, I would have never found DBSK so yes, everything is fated XP!

I've decided...if I blogged more often, my posts wouldn't be so long LOL. So I shall try to blog lots XD. My online presence hasn't been as strong as it used to >< but I will change that!
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Janet Ng
02 August 2010 @ 10:23 pm

Wahh since I've been capped I couldn't blog >.< So yeh, this is kind of a delayed blog haha XP.
First off, I GOT MY DONDON HOODIE!!!!! Will take pictures and show off later heh XD. I love it, but it's a tad bit big, I feel funny and look like a marshmellow haha. Oh wells.

Uni started last week and so far my classes are so much fun. The amount of work to come is like *imagines mt fuji*....yeh. But I hope I can get my new computer sometime next week so I'm not having problems with my programs T_T; I've decided on the iMAC >.< I shall miss the PC OS but for the sake of my future and wallet (the PC i want is like $2000+! ouch!), I shall settle with the mac XD. It shouldn't be too bad, I'm gonna run PC OS on it anyways LOL. Can't wait!

I've been really into scrapbooking and paper crafts these days, just spent money to buy a holder for my 12x12" paper, was so happy when it arrived in the mail! Gotta get a move on, want to finish scrapbooking my HK photos heh XD.

Oooh before I forget, photos from Jimmy's birthday! There were heaps more but I only posted the prettiest ones XP. But first, sticker photos from I don't know when....

I had another set...amanda posted them on fb...but it had people I didn't like in them so...despite how pretty we all looked, I refuse to post them on my blog lol.

clickie here for pretty pictureeessCollapse )

And that is all for pictures LOL. I should probably go to sleep since I have to wake up super early tomorrow T_T; Will need all the rest I can get ><
Janet Ng
11 July 2010 @ 01:53 am

The last two days were so hectic! So much happened lol so this may be a long-ish post.

First off, friday morning, met up with Cammy, Yunah and her friend, Sam. Haven't seen them for so long so it was good catching up. As usual Fran was late so while we waited, we just talked and found out that Sam and Cammy will most likely go to Japan at the same time for their International Studies course XD. They're going to rent a big apartment so I can sleep over! We got lunch at that Jap restaurant with the creepy lift XD. Since me and Yunah were poor, we got the cheapest thing on the menu lol. I couldn't even finish my meal >.<
We then went to Show for K. Omg they raised the price!!! It was like 40bux for 2 hours! Luckily I got a voucher so we got 3hrs.
It was good coz Sam and Cammy could read Jap so we weren't just going "la la la la" during the verses of the jap songs XD. After K, we just wandered around, bought an umbrella since it was raining and then the girls had to leave >.<

Me and Fran had to wait for Ha-Nhi so we walked around looking for a korean restaurant we hadn't tried yet and found this bbq place. Then we sat at the cinemas just watching trailers and stuff. When she finally came and we were buying our tickets, the guy who was serving us was such a dick. Omgsh, he was like "how many tickets do you need" and I was like "four" and he was like "how many?" in this heavy british accent and so I answered "foor". And I mean we all looked the same age (even Ha-Nhi's younger cousin lol), and I said that we wanted student.....and then after all that ruckus, he was like "what's the last ticket??" and I remember saying I wanted 4 STUDENT tickets, and THEY'RE supposed to ask for your ID but he was like "You said you wanted 3! and if you want student you have to show me your ID" but he didn't even ask ha-nhi or fran for their ID! And then he had the balls to say, "You didn't say you wanted 4 student tickets so don't jump down my throat blah blah blah" fucking dickhead. He was old and deaf and said I was screaming at him when I wasn't even screaming! HE was the one who was deaf so I had to talker louder!! Son of a bitch <.< Was so pissed off. I swear, I wanted to email Event and complain but now I can't remember his name. Doesn't he know that the customer is ALWAYS right?? From now on I'm going to Hoyts! Whatever, he'll prob get fired soon.

So we watched Eclipse...and it was so......funny? in a lame way. I was laughing when we werent supposed to lol. The BEST scenes were the ones without edward lol. The action scenes were awesome <33 And I don't remember jacob being so arrogant haha. But yeh we kept getting told off by the people in front coz we kept laughing and making comments but I mean come on! It was so cheesy!

But yeh, after the movie we went to friday night markets and then to y2k as usual....but they no longer let you eat inside y2k! omg, it was like the whole world was against us that night! Nothing was going right T_T; Well anyways, after annoying the waiter there coz we kept sneakily eating our food, we left and yeh, from now on, NO ONE GO TO Y2K!!!! *yes I'm a bitch but so was that waiter*

Went to capitols and took the cheapest machine there lol. And while we were doing that Linda (ha nhi's cousin) won a mushroom!! And then she got ha nhi a dinasour she named Toothless!! I wanted one toooo but she couldn't win it...ahh well.
Ha nhi drove us home afterwards and I swear I'm surprised I'm still alive lol. We were talking photos in the car while ha nhi was driving and it was like "1 2 3!!" and we would ALL turn to look at the camera including ha nhi who was driving.....at least we didn't crash ahaha XD.

But yes, that was my hectic friday XD. I wanna blog abt saturday too but I need to go shower and sleep since its 2AM and I have to get up at 10AM T_T; so I'll blog abt that later....but...photos! 


Janet Ng

I miss Jay >.< 2PM seems so.....incomplete T_T; everytime I listen to Heartbeat, its like "where's Jay?? T_T" *sigh*

I watched Toy Story 3 yesterday....it was so funny...I remember when I watched the first one, I was pretty young. The ending was so bittersweet and Andy grew up so handsomely LOL. Me and Linda were like crying and sniffing at the end....Woody will always be my favourite toy <3

Omg, I had to go work with my mum as usual but today, it was like a work out! Firstly, we got there a bit late coz I had to wash dishes and stuff. When we finally got there, the lift wasn't working!!! and its like underground parking so we had no idea how to get up coz we couldn't find the stairs! We found a fire escape so I opened the door and there were these stairs and I was like "this has to be it!" We climbed the stairs (there was ALOT of stairs), got to the top, opened the door, and instead of being in the office, we were out on the street....yeh should've seen how shocked we were. So we ran down those stairs, then ran around the car park trying to find another fire escape but nooo there was nothing! So my mum ran up the fire escape we found before and opened the door again but it was still only the street LOL. We stood there for like 10mins totally lost T_T; So I thought I'ld have a go at the door. (We had it in our minds that if you kept opening the door, it'ld magically lead to the office LOL). So after the 3rd or 4th time running up those stairs.....I was starting to get pissed, so I went out into the street and started walking around in my pjs and socks with flats.....hey man, like I'ld change to go clean office, its just picking up paper and putting away CLEAN cups and dishes. After wandering for awhile, I found this door that said "fire escape" and it was RIGHT next to the carpark opening...so we went through and omg the office was on the 2nd floor (including the underground and ground floors, thats 4 floors!!). We had to run up 3 flights of stairs with a mop and bucket and it was SOOO tiring...far out, I was sweating by the time we got to the office. When we got there, I just started cracking up. The situation was just so funny. There was one dude left working and we ran in through the fire escape full laughing and huffing and puffing, he was like "wtf....."
But yeh, I had to take a 5min break coz we were so tired. That was like exercise of the year!

Anyways, I camwhored yesterday! Its been SOOO long, I'm getting rusty >.< Me and Linda went a little crazy with the glasses haha.

the earmuffs I got yesterday. they don't look fluffy here but they are XD its so warm!

heh linda looks like a boy here LOL. but her complexion omgsh *jealous*